Past Events and Virtual Conventions

4 Blind Black Male Leaders Share Their Inspirational Stories

4 Blind Black Male Leaders Share Their Inspirational Stories

Experiences of Those with Blindness and Additional Disabilities

NFB Ohio Diabetes Action Network February 2023 Meeting

August 2022 Special Event: NFB Ohio Diabetes Action Network

Listen to March 2022 Discussion with NFB Women Leaders

To commemorate National women’s Day, The NFB of Ohio held a discussion, “Women Taking the Lead, In the Life of an Affiliate President”, with four state affiliate presidents on March 8 via zoom Conference.

2021 NFB Ohio Convention Audio Highlights

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Listen to Rookie Roundup Including Sounds of the 1940s and Speech by NFB National President Mark Riccobono

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Listen to NFB Ohio Happy Hour Including Tour of the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton Ohio
View 67 Minute Video Tour of the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton Ohio

Vendor showcase

Listen to Vispero, Mike Wood, JAWS, ZoomText and Fusion

Listen to Lab Computers, Inc, Brian Goemmer

Listen to Aira, Jenine Stanley, Description of life, on your terms

Listen to Vanda Pharmaceuticals, Maggie Felton, Non-24 Sleep Disorders

Listen to Enhanced Vision, Mike Wood, Digital Magnification, OCR technology and portable and desktop CCTVs

Listen to WayAround, Jessica Hipp, NFC tags for labeling clothing, makeup, jewelry, food, and more

Listen to HIMS Inc, Earle Harrison, Braille Displays, NoteTakers and Go-Vision Magnification Systems

Listen to Voicecorps Reading Service, David Noble

Listen to A T Guys, Jason Meddaugh, Affordable and portable technology and gadgets, BlindShell Classic 2 cell phone, Versa paperless slates, Orbit Reader, braille displays, wireless and Bluetooth keyboards, speakers and headsets

Listen to Spectrum Cable Products and Services, Petr Kucheryavyy

Listen to Accessible Pharmacy Services for the Blind, Andy Burstein, Accessible Prescription Products and Services

Listen to Opportunities for Ohioans With Disabilities, Berna King, Bureau of Services for the Visually Impaired

Listen to See3D, Inc, Caroline Karbowski, Accessible Science Models

Listen to NEWSLINE, Scott White, Reading Program for the Printed Disabled and Blind

Listen to Full Vendor Showcase Featuring 14 Vendors, 2 Hours and 20 Minutes

Friday, November 5, 2021

Listen to NFB Ohio Board of Directors Meeting, Fourth Quarter, 2021

Listen to Opening Ceremonies: Richard Payne, NFBO President; and Invocation by Robert Pierce, U.S. veteran and member, NFB of Lorain County

Listen to State Senator Bob Hackett: 10th District and sponsor of SB 202

Listen to National Report: Seeking Ideas on Outreach and Visibility: Everette Bacon, national representative, Member NFB Board of Directors

Listen to How the Pandemic Created a Vehicle for Consumer-Oriented Approach: A Conversation with Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities, the Independent Living Network, and Disability Rights Ohio
Presenters: Director Kevin Miller, Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities; Greg Dormer, Deputy Director of Bureau of Services for the Visually Impaired (BSVI; Jeremy Morris, Executive Director, Statewide Independent Living Council; and Kerstin Sjoberg, Executive Director, Disability Rights Ohio. Moderator: Jordy Stringer, Executive Director, Southeastern Ohio Center for Independent Living.

Listen to Breaking Stereotypes through Active Advocacy: Kinshuk Tella, President, and Emily Kiehl, Vice-President, Ohio Association of Blind Students

Listen to If Only Healthcare Staff Had a Better Understanding of the Blind: Chris Sabine and Deborah Kendrick

Listen to Disability Inclusion Throughout Ohio Agencies, boards and Commissions Presenter: James Clinkscale, ADA Coordinator, Manager of Disability Inclusion Enterprise Initiatives & Programs, Office of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, Ohio Human Resources Division.

Listen to Full November 5 Afternoon General Session, Three Hours and Five Minutes

Saturday, November 6, 2021

Listen to Your Rights under the ADA and ACA: Sharla Glass, Public Policy and Community Outreach Liaison, En-Vision America

Listen to Living the NFB Philosophy: Andra Stover, Member, Greater Akron Chapter

Listen to Update from the State Library of Ohio: Tracy Grimm, Head of Circulation & Special Services

Listen to the Evolution of Science Accessibility: Caroline Karbowski, Executive Founder of See3D, Inc. Printing for the Blind and Biology Major, Ohio State University College of Arts and Sciences

Listen to Know Your Rights and Fight for Change: Suzanne Turner, Vice-President, NFB of Ohio

Listen to President’s Report: Back to the Basics and Engaging the Future: Richard Payne, President, NFB of Ohio

Listen to Full Saturday Morning General Session, Two Hours and forty Five Minutes

Listen to Emergency Preparedness with India Jones

Listen to Introducing Amazon and their Newest Devices, Maggie Stringer

Listen to 2021 NFB Ohio Board Elections and Adoption of Seven Resolutions

Listen to NFB of Ohio Banquet Opening by Secratary Eric Duffy and Invocation by Dr. Carolyn Peters, Ohio Community of Faith Division President

Listen to Keynote Speaker, National Representative, Everette Bacon, President NFB of Utah and Member NFB National Board of Directors

Listen to Affiliate and Gavel Awards Presentations: Anette Lutz

Listen to Scholarship Awards: Jordy Stringer, Chair, Scholarship Committee

Listen to Money for the Movement, Todd Elzey, Treasurer NFB of Ohio

Listen to Full NFB of Ohio 2021 Convention Banquet, One Hour and fifty Two Minutes

2020 NFB Ohio Convention Audio Highlights

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Listen to the Visionaries Virtual Choir perform Live the Life You Want
Listen to Rookie Roundup

Thursday, November 5 Exhibitor Seminar

Listen to Exhibit Seminar

  1. Listen to NFB Newsline
  2. Listen to A. .T Guys
  3. Listen to Vispero
  4. Listen to En-Vision America
  5. Listen to Ohio Braille and Talking Book Program
  6. Listen to HIMS Inc
  7. Listen to See3D, Inc
  8. Listen to Universal Vision Technology LLC
  9. Listen to Vanda Pharmaceuticals
  10. Listen to AIRA
  11. Listen to HumanWare
  12. Listen to WayAround
  13. Listen to Exhibitor Questions and Answers

Friday, November 6, 2020

Listen to Board of Directors Meeting
Listen to Friday General Session
Listen to Friday Opening Ceremonies
Invocation, Robert Pierce; Welcome to Dayton, Honorable, Mayor Nan Whaley; Welcome from Miami Valley Host Chapter, Dr. Carolyn Peters; NFB Pledge, Kinshuk Tella; and National Anthem: MaKenzie Love, BELL Student Listen to National Report, Scott C. LaBarre
Listen to a Mom’s Perspective on Learning and Growing with the NFB BELL Program, Anne Casey
Listen to Making the Most of Educational Opportunities for Blind Children, Sarah Buoni, Office for Exceptional Children
Listen to Report from Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD) and the Bureau of Services for the Visually Impaired (BSVI)
Listen to Finding a New Job in the Time of a Pandemic, Suzanne Turner
Listen to Roll Call of Chapters and Principles for Voting: President Richard Payne and Secretary Eric Duffy

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Listen to Saturday Morning General Session Call to order: Suzanne Turner, NFBO VP; and Invocation by Joanne Williams
Listen to Saturday Opening Ceremonies
Listen to Diversity, Inclusion, and Mutual Respect, Delcenia Brown, Jim Weiss, and Wilbert Turner
Listen to What’s happening with Disability Rights of Ohio (DRO) Kerstin Sjoberg, Executive Director
Listen to Creating Meaningful Career Opportunities for the Blind at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Thomas Robinson
Listen to Why I’m a Federationist, William Turner
Listen to National Organization of Parents of Blind children (NOPBC), Carlton Walker
Listen to Presidential Report: The Vision beyond Vision, Richard Payne, NFBO Affiliate President
Listen to Living the Life You Want with blindness and hearing loss; Todd Elzey and Maggie Stringer
Listen to Election and Resolutions
Listen to NFB of Ohio 2020 Convention BANQUET
Listen to Invocation, Lee Martin
Listen to Banquet Keynote Speech, National Rep. Scott LaBarre
Listen to Awards Presentation, Anette Lutz
Listen to Scholarship Awards, Cassandra Jones
Listen to Money for the Movement, Sherry Ruth, Outgoing NFB-O Treasurer, 1996-2020

Ohio Board of Directors


Terms ending 2020
President, Richard Payne Phone: 937-396-5573 Email PO Box 20544 Dayton, OH 45420 Vice President Suzanne Hartfield-Turner Phone: 216-990-6199 Email PO Box 141077 Cleveland OH 44114 Secretary Eric Duffy Phone: 614-377-9877 Email 3779 Waterbury Dr. Kettering OH 43202 Treasurer Todd Elzey Phone: 315-879-1746
3779 Waterbury Dr., Dayton, OH 45439 Board Members At-Large Term Ending 2020 Marianne Denning Phone: 513-607-6053 Email 835 Carini Lane Cincinnati, OH 45218 Terms Ending 2023 Jordy Stringer Annette Lutz Phone: 614-288-4323 Email Annette Lutz 77 West Jeffrey Place Columbus, OH 43214 Barbara Pierce Phone: 440-774-8077 Email 198 Kendal Drive Oberlin, OH 44074 Dr. Carolyn Peters Phone: 937-293-2131 Email Dayton, OH William Turner Phone: 330-328-9860 Email 1064 East 167th Street Cleveland, OH 44110