NFB of Ohio Divisions

Ohio Organization of the Senior Blind


The mission of the Ohio Organization of the Senior Blind is to educate seniors, their families, and communities so that seniors losing vision need not relinquish control of their lives and personal independence solely because of blindness.  Its purpose is to serve as a support network for blind seniors and to be a source of information about the needs of blind seniors for local chapters; to facilitate adjustment to blindness for seniors losing vision; and to promote the general well being of blind seniors in this state and the nation.

We accomplish these goals by:

  • Holding a division meeting at the state convention, where speakers discuss issues of interest and importance to blind seniors.
  • Providing outreach in the form of inservices and consultation to senior centers in which we teach efficient guiding and other support skills, offre hands-on demonstrations of independent living aids for the blind, and discuss constructive ways to address the challenges of blindness.
  • Conducting possibility fairs for seniors periodically at state conventions and in the community.
  • Encouraging local chapters to reach out to seniors losing vision and advise members about the services and publications of the NFB Seniors Division, including its quarterly newsletter and the book So You Don’t See as Well as You Used to.

For more information, contact:
Barbara Fohl, President
440-964-7824 (h), 440-812-8594 (c)
1116 Thayer Ave, Ashtabula, OH  44004

Diabetes Action Network of Ohio

To educate and encourage diabetics, their families, and their communities about the realities of diabetes, the value of information and appropriate management, and the correlation with vision  loss so that diabetics will have greater access to appropriate knowledge, tools, and a supportive environment that enhances their ability to manage their disease and lead a productive and fulfilling life, whatever happens.

Hold periodic meetings and  conference calls to discuss current issues in diabetes management and answer questions

Conduct public speaking engagements in which we educate the public about diabetes in general and the availability of help for blind diabetics in particular

Offer one-on-one help for those who call us with questions.

Maintain resource lists including:

  • The Braille Monitor, Bridging the Gap, and other literature available from our national office.
  • NLS for Diabetes Forecast in Talking Book format.
  • Recordings for the Blind & Dyslexic for other tape recorded materials.
  • National Resources like National Institutes of Health.
  • Centers for Disease Control.
  • American Diabetic Association.

For more information, contact:
Wanda Sloan, President
Diabetic Action Network of Ohio
937-580-1792 (c)

1300 Genesis Way, Apt.218, Dayton, OH  45417-8472



In the Parents Division our goal is to help educate parents and their blind children about blindness skills, IEP and school issues, and social concerns. We are also available for emotional support and to act as a liaison for parents to meet and learn from knowledgeable blind adults.

The way we do these things:

  • We hold events such as the cane walk, Easter egg hunt, family campout, and fall retreat.
  • We provide canes for kids through our cane bank.
  • We sponsor and support activities like the Braille Readers are Leaders contest and the OSSB Christmas party.
  • We hold seminars at state conventions and attend Washington Seminars.
  • We provide information to parents through publications such as Future Reflections, the Braille Monitor, and the Buckeye Bulletin.
  • We maintain a mailing list of parents and send state and national information to them

Contact information:
Carol Akers, President
(614) 570-2083 (c)
P.O. Box 141375, Columbus, OH  43214


National Association to Promote the Use of Braille of Ohio (Ohio NAPUB)

This division is comprised of Braille readers and supporters dedicated to promoting the code and its public acceptance as an efficient method of reading and writing for nonprint readers and those who struggle to read print.

Ohio NAPUB promotes the use of Braille by:

Giving Braille instruction at state conventions so blind adults and children can get a basic understanding of Braille.

  • Matching adults and children who wish to learn Braille with blind people who are interested in teaching it.
  • Going to schools to demonstrate to sighted students that Braille is a reading and writing method equal to print.
  • Promoting Braille literacy by going to venues such as bookstores and libraries to discuss and demonstrate Braille and talk about Braille literacy and the Louis Braille coin.
  • Promoting legislation favorable to Braille literacy and the teaching of Braille.
  • Contributing to the Braille Readers Are leaders contest.
  • Demonstrating Braille to blind seniors at senior fairs and senior centers.

    Contact Barbara Pierce, President
  • 440-774-8077 (h), 440-935-4511 (c)
    237 Oak St., Oberlin, OH  44074


Ohio Association of Blind Merchants

The merchants division is made up of blind operators from the Randolph-Sheppard or Business Enterprise (BE) Program in Ohio with a goal of protecting, preserving, and expanding the program to keep and create more jobs for blind Ohioans.

How we do this:

  • Serve as advocates for blind vendors in the BE Program in Ohio.
  • Provide updates to blind vendors on changes and challenges to the BE Program.
  • Work closely with National Association of Blind Merchants on national issues and participate in the BLAST conference, a training conference held each spring.
  • Serve as members of the Blind Entrepreneurial Alliance (BEA) to educate legislators on the value and benefits of the Randolph-Sheppard Program.
  • When possible, provide legal counsel when litigation is needed or grievances must be filed to protect operators or the program. OABM members serve as experts on the BE Program for these lawsuits and grievances.
    Contact Information:

    Annette Lutz
    614-263-5599 (h), 614-288-4323 (c)
    77 Jeffrey Place, Columbus, OH  43214