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The National Federation of the Blind of Ohio (NFB of Ohio), an affiliate of the National Federation of the Blind:

Advocating for the rights of blind Ohioans
Educating the sighted public about what it means to be blind
Working together for a brighter tomorrow
Who We Are:Barbara cane crossing st

The National Federation of the Blind of Ohio is a 501c(3) nonprofit made up of blind people of all
ages, their families, and friends. Our strong local chapters and divisions and well-trained leaders
help newly blind people adjust to vision loss and promote the full participation and integration of
blind people in our communities. We bring our collective experiences together to effect change at
the state and national level.

What We Do:

Protect and promote the rights of blind people
Advocate for policies that eliminate discrimination and guarantee equal access to educational programs and high-quality rehabilitation and training services
Foster leadership of blind people through participation in our annual convention and organizational responsibilities
Promote the achievement of blind students and senior citizens through educational and
training scholarships
Provide specialized information for diabetics losing vision
Encourage families and friends to recognize the capabilities of blind people
Build the confidence of blind people by providing opportunities to serve
Assist blind people in acquiring the skills of independence
Educate the community through public speaking, community activities, and publications
Join the NFB of Ohio and become a part of a highly respected organization known for getting things done


boy with cane on beachThe National Federation of the Blind, and therefore also the National Federation of the Blind of Ohio, has a very simple mission statement that has been in force since our beginning in 1940 and will
never change until such time as it and the organization no longer need exist at all. It is: We are changing what it means to be blind.

Until everyone, blind and sighted alike, understands that blindness need not be a tragedy, until no one uses blindness as an excuse for not trying to succeed or not giving a person a chance, until we all expect blind people to take their place in the community as fully contributing, fully participating members of society, the National Federation of the Blind’s mission will be to bring these dreams to reality.

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